My Favourite Albums of 2016

Another year of discovering new music! One thing about streaming services like Spotify – there is no excuse not to explore new music. Grateful to CBC Radio 2, NPR Music, and friends for pointing me toward music I would not have found otherwise.

So here’s my list. These aren’t necessarily the best albums of the year – David Bowie’s Blackstar for example is probably a classic – but they are the ones I listened to the most, that stuck with me, and that I think you should check out too.

  • Undercurrent / Sarah Jarosz
  • Azel / Bombino
  • The Very Last Day / Parker Millsap
  • Beyond the Bloodhounds / Aida Victoria
  • Spirit’s Furnace / Bones of J.R. Jones
  • Montana / The Dead Tongues
  • Walking with a Stranger / Escondido
  • Last Days of Oakland / Fantastic Negrito
  • Love and Hate / Michael Kiwanuka
  • Retribution / Tanya Tagaq
  • You Want it Darker / Leonard Cohen
  • A Sailor’s Guide to Earth / Sturgill Simpson
  • Emotions and Math / Margaret Glaspy
  • Cardinal / Pinegrove
  • Into the Light / Marisa Anderson

Now I need to head over to Mr. Tom O’Connor’s list and check out what I’ve missed!


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